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His First Word


Yes, ‘light’ is Parker’s first word. He’s actually been saying it in variations the past week or so, but here recently, he’s really started saying it well.

You can ask him, “Parker, where is the light?” and he’ll point to the nearest light and say it. Then other times, when you walk in a room, he’ll just point at the light and say it. It’s incredibly adorable and astonishing, that his little mind is able to see an object and equate a word to describe it.

Strangely, ‘light’ was also my first word. Which makes it even cooler for me. He’s been babbling so often lately. I feel like since he’s accomplished walking, he’s ready to really start verbalizing. It just shows his personality so much.

I love it.



Parker has been taking a few steps at a time for a while now, but today, he did this:

I think it is so incredibly cool that Parker can do this, it be recorded, and then be available to show friends and post on a blog within 10 minutes. My parents saw Parker walk just minutes after he did it.

What will they think of next?

Why you should see your doctor…

Last week, I decided to go see my doctor for my annual physical. Well, it’s annual now. My 25 year-old checkup, so to say, but I will go in every year from now on for a physical.

I’m healthy as a horse, as suspected, but my doctor did refer me to a dermatologist to get some moles checked out. I’ve always had moles on my skin, but early detection is obviously key when it comes to skin cancers like melanoma.

Today was my appointment with the dermatologist, where she performed a shave biopsy on a mole on my abdomen. The mole was small, perhaps 3 or 4 millimeters in diameter. Shave biopsies are the ‘least invasive’ skin biopsy procedure, and typically are performed when melanoma risk is very low, but I still have to wait two weeks to get the pathology report back.

In any case, I’ll probably be going to the dermatologist for an annual skin exam from now on. And in addition, will need to exercise caution with sun exposure from 10 AM to 4pm, lather on the sunscreen when outside, and try and keep my body covered up when possible outside.

But, I think this just highlights the need to keep in close contact with a personal physician. Physicals can be both preventive and medical in nature. Your doctor can go over ways to stay healthy, and, perhaps more importantly, catch issues early, which in turn increases the likelihood of recovery and decreases the possibility of further health issues.

I’ve always kept track of my moles, but thanks to my physician, I was able to be referred to a specialist and, hopeful, stop a deadly disease before it had the chance to affect me.

It’s once a year. Find the time. See your doctor.

Home Alone

My wife and Parker (and dog) headed to her hometown today to spend a couple days with her family since her grandmother is down.

As a result, I find myself alone in our house for the first time. I had a honey-do list to attend to, including putting together the final piece of furniture: one of our dressers.

It’s incredible to me just how much I could miss my wife, my little boy, and my dog when they’re gone. I’ve just grown so accustomed to coming home and playing with Parker, or petting my dog. When I came home tonight, it was to a quiet, empty house. I ate dinner by myself, and now I’m sitting on the couch watching reruns and typing this post.

What a miserable life to live without my family.

So about that busyness…

I may have mentioned that Saturday was a busy day for me, well a combination of Sunday and Monday were much, much busier than that.

On Sunday morning, we decided to go to the Columbus Zoo, we had been wanting to buy a membership for some time now, but just couldn’t find a good weekend to finally go. Well Sunday was that day. We went ahead and purchased the membership which gets us into the zoo for the entire year and pays for our parking…totally, 100% worth it.

Parker loved the zoo. He just loves looking at all the animals (especially the fish and manatees). You have to wonder what is going through that little mind of his. I told him that he will never remember this day without the help of pictures, but that I will always remember the first day I got to go with him to the zoo. Hopefully we can make it out at least a couple more times this summer.

After we got home, I went to the auto parts store to pick up a spark plug socket so I could change my spark plugs. It was an easy job, and I was finished in about a half hour. Not too shabby. After playing with Parker for a bit, I mowed and trimmed the yard for the first time. It was getting too long, but the rain had held me back from getting out there. While I was mowing, I saw Rachel jumping up and down with her arms out in the sunroom. I went in to check what was going on, and there was Parker, walking from the table to the door. A full 10 steps in all. I was so incredibly proud of him. Our little walker.

Over the past few days, I had noticed a squealing issue with my car, so I decided to take it in this morning to the mechanic and get it checked out. My suspicions were confirmed that it was a busted belt tensioner. I had them go ahead and replace that and while they were in there, replace my brake pads and rotors, since they’d never been replaced in the car before. The mechanic was top-notch, honest…the perfect mechanic really. He even said my spark plug wires could use being changed, but that he didn’t want to charge me $120 for a job I could do myself for $30.

This week will continue to get busy. Tomorrow is Baby Day at work, whereby everyone who has had a child in the past year will bring them in for our co-workers to see. Then Thursday is my physical. I decided part of living a healthy life started with getting regular medical exams, and so I’m going in for my 25-year physical then, then I’m good to go until I’m 30.

In any case, it’s been a busy time for me. But at least at the end of the day, I get to type this while sitting on my patio.

Busy, accomplished day

Am I worn out, or what?

Today was just so incredibly busy for me. I got up this morning and finally went to go get my Ohio driver’s license, now that I truly have a permanent address and am no longer a transient. Waiting in line at the BMV, only to have them inform me that I needed a birth certificate, even though it is NOT mentioned on their required documents list for new Ohio drivers. Whatever, I went home and picked up my birth certificate.

I had to take the written test for my license, and aced it (you have to be pathetic to be 24 years old and not pass that thing). Stood in line again, and was finally able to get my Ohio driver’s license.

I came home and hung out with Parker for the rest of the day since Rachel had to work, then after he went to bed, I put our new bed together (shhhh, Rachel doesn’t know yet).

Parker is doing so great. He’s just such a big boy now. Some of his new tricks include: if you ask him where the light is, he will look and/or point to the closest light, same with if you ask him where Cookie is. He’s getting braver and braver with walking. He walked a full five steps this morning, and he’ll walk all day if you hold his hand. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s almost a year old, but just watching him grow and development reminds me about how quick all of this is.

I love the house. Absolutely love it. All the pieces are coming together now so we’re to that point where we can just ‘live’ in it. What a great day today.

Stuff to Do

I can see the finish line…but I have a lot of things to do before I get there.

Everything with the house is coming along nicely. We should have our bedroom to go HOPEFULLY by this weekend. I’ve been busy putting things together like a madman. Our den furniture was delivered yesterday and it looks great. Just gotta do some decorative things in there and that room will be set.

I’m also preparing to change the spark plugs in my car. I’ve never done it before, but it would appear to be a pretty straight-forward task thanks to the DIY guide I have. That’s first on the list. I hate taking my car to an auto mechanic just because I don’t really get to see what their doing, so I much prefer to just do it myself if I can.

I also need to mow the lawn sometime this week and then, a big step for me, finally getting my Ohio driver’s license. I have to take the written portion of the test, but I figure I should be able to pass that (I’ve looked over the Ohio driving laws, just in case).

Parker is doing great, we took him to Hometown Buffet last night because we had a coupon. He really enjoyed eating some of the things off the bar. He’s really taken up to babbling and speech as of late, even calling me “Da-da” now, which makes my heart melt. He’s still working on walking, he took a couple steps toward Cookie last night, who has seriously become his favorite thing in the world. He just loves her so much, laughing at her, wanting to play with her, even leaning in for kisses.

But, all in all, things are going well for the family. Just have work through this list of tasks and I can start enjoying the summer a little more.

We Closed/Goodbye to Nana

And that’s it. We closed on our house.

We headed out to our closing on Friday (May 28th) morning, and were greeted by the closing agent and the seller’s agent. After a few minutes of chit-chat with the seller’s agent, she handed us our keys–since she had another closing to get to–and told us that the sellers left us a gift, but more on that later.

Next, our incredible loan officer, April, arrived. If it’s any indication on how much the mortgage industry has streamlined, this was the first time I ever met April. And only the third time I’d even heard her voice. Nearly all our correspondence was through e-mail. After interacting with someone for so long, it’s hard not to visualize what you think the person looks like. April looked nothing like what I thought she would, haha.

Finally, our real estate broker arrived and the signing was underway. People always warn, “Your hand is going to fall off…”. I signed my signature about 13 times, in all. And that’s all it took. The house was officially ours. The ‘American Dream’, if you will, finally realized. It was so great to have Parker there, just because later down the road, we’ll be able to tell him that he was right there with us.

We bid ‘adieu’ and headed over to our house, even though we wouldn’t be moving in for a couple hours. The seller’s agent said the previous owner cried as she signed the papers, and we took that as a sign that this house meant a lot to her. We rounded the corner onto our street and saw the ‘SOLD’ sign in the front yard. We opened the door and walked in. On the kitchen counter was a note from the sellers and a bottle of wine to enjoy on our first night.

The past week we’ve just spent moving in, getting everything ready and set up. The best feature has been the backyard. Parker loves it back there. He just thrives so much being able to be outside more often, playing with sticks and grass, watching Cookie…it’s been great. Parker has also started taking his first steps. I guess he just needed a house.

The day, though, was bittersweet. My Nana, who had been sick since this past fall, died that night. It was something we had expected for a little while, but still hurt so incredibly bad. She was an absolutely incredible woman, and besides her obituary, her hometown newspapers published both an article and an editorial on her passing. She was beloved by everyone in her hometown and certainly by her family.

We went down for the Memorial Day Parade on Monday and, fittingly, Nana lay at a funeral home on the parade route, presiding over the parade she hadn’t missed in her 82 years. Her funeral was on Wednesday and was very beautiful. The outpouring of support from the town was incredible. It was great to spend time with my family. We will press on. It’s what Nana wants for us. She got to spend nearly 30 years on Earth with her grandchildren, and I am so incredibly happy she was able to meet Parker before she died. I know he–and all her grandchildren–brought so much joy into her life.

We love you and miss you, Nana.

But now, I’m back to work, but summer has started and I look forward to working around the house and playing with Parker.