Busy, accomplished day

Am I worn out, or what?

Today was just so incredibly busy for me. I got up this morning and finally went to go get my Ohio driver’s license, now that I truly have a permanent address and am no longer a transient. Waiting in line at the BMV, only to have them inform me that I needed a birth certificate, even though it is NOT mentioned on their required documents list for new Ohio drivers. Whatever, I went home and picked up my birth certificate.

I had to take the written test for my license, and aced it (you have to be pathetic to be 24 years old and not pass that thing). Stood in line again, and was finally able to get my Ohio driver’s license.

I came home and hung out with Parker for the rest of the day since Rachel had to work, then after he went to bed, I put our new bed together (shhhh, Rachel doesn’t know yet).

Parker is doing so great. He’s just such a big boy now. Some of his new tricks include: if you ask him where the light is, he will look and/or point to the closest light, same with if you ask him where Cookie is. He’s getting braver and braver with walking. He walked a full five steps this morning, and he’ll walk all day if you hold his hand. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s almost a year old, but just watching him grow and development reminds me about how quick all of this is.

I love the house. Absolutely love it. All the pieces are coming together now so we’re to that point where we can just ‘live’ in it. What a great day today.


3 responses to “Busy, accomplished day

  1. Scott,
    This blog is really awesome and inspiring. It’s such a wonderful journey you’re having with Rachel and Parker and I sincerely wish you the best with it. Appreciate it!

  2. Are you guys still going to St. Andrews now that you moved? I dunno if you knew, but that’s our church, too.

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