Recovering from the weekend

Parker’s first Independence Day is in the books.

On Saturday, we left Columbus for NW Ohio to visit our in-laws and spend Independence Day weekend with them. Saturday was spent mostly playing outside and eating. Parker got his swimming trunks on and played for about 2 minutes in the sprinkler with his cousins, until he got scared and ran to one of them for safety. It was so cute to see him walking over to where his other cousins were standing. It was like he was just one of the brood.

On Saturday night, we went to the local fireworks show. We were nervous to see how Parker would react to them, but he absolutely loved them. He sat on our lap, with his blanket and stuffed Elmo, and just watched in amazement. He thought they were so cool.

Sunday was filled with more eating and bonfiring. Parker went swimming in the pond and had a blast. I think that kid is destined to be a swimmer. Then on Sunday night we set off some of our fireworks and ate Smores.

Monday was catch-up-on-sleep day for Parker. He slept pretty much all day. But it looks like he recovered nicely for today.

In other news, my biopsy results came back and I do not have melanoma. The mole was just a mole, just looked different, that’s all. I’m going in for yearly skin exams and then just doing self-exams every month, along with lathering up on the sunscreen. But the news was certainly a relief.

But that’s about all for this weekend. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day.


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