Almost one year…

Tomorrow marks one month until Parker’s first birthday.

I’m not exactly sure where the time has gone, as it feels just like yesterday when we were going to the hospital to have him.

About a year ago, we were going on our babymoon, not really knowing what the next month would bring us. As I look back on the year, July 2009 was really the last month before the rest of our lives began. I usually use this blog to about Parker and his development, but outside of him, our family has still undergone a lot of changes.

Since last July, we’ve moved twice. First into a two-bedroom apartment, and now into our first house. My wife got her first post-school job. I made the decision to become Catholic. I lost my grandmother, but I’m gaining a cousin. All in all, it’s been quite the year. Apparently we’re all about getting major life decisions out of the way all at once.

It goes without saying that this past year has been the most life-changing for me, but I’ll say it anyway. To be truthful, I’m ready for a boring year. Just a year to enjoy my family, to enjoy our house, to enjoy…just being. I know it will never be that easy with a toddler running around the house, but hopefully we can hold off on any more major life changing events for a while, at least a year, right?


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