A quarter-century down…

Hopefully a few more to go…

Yep, 25 years old today. I can officially run for the US House of Representatives, rent a car without penalty, and, to car insurance companies, become a ‘safer’ driver.

I’m honestly not that big into birthdays. Just sort of another day these days. I imagine this feeling only worsens with age. I do, though, greatly appreciate all the birthday wishes throughout the day.

To be truthful, I’ve been in a bit of a funk today. No, not birthday-induced depression or anything, just a bit of a funk. I need to take my car in for some more repairs tomorrow, and you know that you can never escape a mechanic for less than a couple hundred bucks. Hopefully by this time next year, I’ll be ready to get a new car. An actual new car, one that’s only been driven by me.

But, I guess I don’t have anything I can regret in my first 25 years. I grew up well-adjusted. I finished college in less than four years, married a wonderful girl, have a beautiful son, have a great job working at the place I love, own my own home, and am financially independent and stable. Sometimes I find myself getting too caught up in ‘what’s next’, which, of course, turns in to worry at times. I worry about paying to fix my car, even though I certainly have the money to do so.

So for the next 25, I want the first goal to be less worrying about the next 25. Instead, I want to concentrate on enjoy the present, or else I might not have a third 25 to enjoy.

The first 25 were greatly spent learning. I hope to continue to learn over these next 25. I certainly want to pursue a master’s degree, perhaps more if time and family considerations allow.

I want to watch my little boy grow up into a man. It’s amazing that at the end of my second 25, he’ll be ready to write about his first 25, and I hope he can write what I’m writing today. I want to strengthen my relationship with my wife, so that at the end of this 25, we can be celebrating 28 years of marriage. I want to progress at my job, taking opportunities as they come, and furthering my professional career. I want to provide stability, both emotional and financial, to my family. My parents growing up, even divorced, provided so much stability in my life. I hope that I can give that to my wife and children.

I want to run for public office. Even if it is something small like city council or the board of education, I want to try my hand at it.

And, I want to the Buckeyes win another national title in football. Preferably before Parker turns 17, like I had to wait.

But most of all, I just want to enjoy now. Have an eye on the future, perhaps even just half an eye, because I want the rest of me in the now. And if you know me, this pretty much comes as a wholesale change to my life. But I need to do it for me.

Age 50, here I come.


2 responses to “A quarter-century down…

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. 50 will be here before you know. ENJOY the next 25. they’ll be the best. take life as it comes

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