A fun weekend

My wife only had to work four hours this past weekend, so we took advantage of it.

On Saturday we used our membership and took Parker to the Columbus Zoo for the day. He, as always, had a lot of fun. We started ‘backwards’ at the zoo this time, because we always find ourselves so tired by the time we get to the monkeys. So we started with the monkeys. Seeing Parker’s face when he sees an animal is just a memory I will never forget. He loves animals so much and it’s so great he can see them so close. We spent a couple hours there before spending the rest of the 90-degree day inside.

My dad was in the area for continuing education, and so he spent Saturday evening and night with us. Parker had a lot of fun with his grandpa, who bought him his first Cincinnati Reds outfit and an Elmo chair to sit in while he watched Sesame Street.

This was also Parker’s last weekend of baby food. We’ve transitioned completely over to solid food. Right now, our issue is with textures. Parker is not a big fan of the texture of fruits and vegetables, but thankfully, he really likes applesauce, and he actually did pretty good with his carrots last night.

Sunday was a very accomplished day for us. We got up and went to Mass, then came back home and finally finished getting everything put away. Every last box. We cleaned out Zero’s tank and moved it to the shed, then moved around some furniture in the den, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, finished our laundry, assembled the upstairs computer desk, cleaned up the guest room and put away the remaining boxes in our bedroom. Finally. Everything is just out of the way.

Last night we spent the evening in the sunroom during the thunderstorm. It was actually really nice. Parker loves to be out there and look out the windows, and Cookie, though concerned, appreciates being able to lounge somewhere new.

But that was our weekend. We celebrate our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday =)


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