The best decision of my life

Three years ago, I made the best decision of my life: I married my best friend.

I actually find it difficult to write a blog about it, just because I find words lacking to describe it. But I did it, I married her, and it truly was the best decision I could ever make.

It’s been an eventful three years, and we’re a lot different than we were three years ago. I had just turned 22 years old, a recent college graduate, three months into my first job. She was still in college. We were really among the first of our peers to get married, some might even say, a little young to be married. Since then, we both have bachelor’s degrees, we both have careers, we own our first home, and have our first child.

When you get married, for the most part, you’re taking a leap into the unknown. When I married her, I didn’t know what the next three years would hold, let alone the thought of 50. But I married a woman who turned out to be a wonderful wife and a fantastic mother. I started this blog because of her. She held my hand through our pregnancy. I didn’t want a child this early, but fortune gave us Parker. I was scared, and she was strong. She has trusted me implicitly to help raise our child. Not to mention she gave our son his good looks (I always say I married up)

Our relationship has changed from one of being spouses to being parents. Our work schedules make it possible for us to spend maximum time with our son, sometimes at the expense of spending time with each other. But it’s something we work with and will continue to grow into.

There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not truly thankful to have her as my wife, and on our anniversary, I’m especially reminded of that. Our wedding was truly a great day, and if you got to spend it with us, I thank you for being there.

Marriage isn’t easy. There are peaks and valleys. But the point is to keep the valleys shallow and short, and to keep the peaks high and long. In any case, we are to use our peaks to get us through the valleys. I see a lot of people my age getting divorces, and it truly saddens me. I can’t speculate into their relationships and what is/was best in their situations, but it is sad. Perhaps it’s the thought that marriage will always be like it was on Day One, or perhaps it was a marriage that was entered into too suddenly, who knows.

I hope we, as a married couple, have modeled to this point an effective marriage to others. Most of the time we spend together is alone, in our own house, and it’s in those moments where we share the most laughs, the most conversations, and the most tears. But everyday, I love my wife a little more than the day before. Marriage becomes familiar, it’s not exactly glamorous, and there are some days that we just go through the motions, just because being married isn’t a task to us. But I hope there is never a day when we don’t love or appreciate each other.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I love you, and happy anniversary. And thank you for making me the happiness man in the world.


One response to “The best decision of my life

  1. Scott, I’m so glad to hear things continue to go well for you. I can only hope I might someday achieve a relationship that is a fraction as fulfilling.

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