First Birthday Plans

Are finally coming together.

Yeah, so we procrastinate a little bit. A lot of this, though, is simply because of my wife’s work schedule. She typically only gets one weekend off per month, so it’s difficult for us to plan very far in advance. But it looks like we’ve finally nailed down a date and location for Parker’s first birthday!

Our original plans were to have two separate parties, one in Paulding, and one in Hurricane, for each of our families, but because of said work schedule, we had to narrow it down to one weekend, and as such, have decided to host the party at our house. In a way, it’s nice. It’s Parker’s first birthday, we can decorate as we see fit, and it will be nice to have both of our families in the same place, especially since it may be the first time for some of our family to see our house.

We settled on a Sesame Street theme. Parker loves Sesame Street, so we figured we could get away with a ‘cutesy’ theme for his first birthday. Thankfully, most party suppliers have a great selection of Sesame Street themes that are priced really well, so it looks like we’ll be able to pull it off. It’ll just be a small gathering of family (as if that’s possible with the size of our families, but still).

It’s hard to believe it’s just two weeks away!


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