No more apartment

Our family is officially apartment-free.

Because of the timing of our house purchase, we still were on lease for our apartment for another two months. Well last night we went over to get the last items out and clean up a bit. We locked the door for the final time on our apartment.

It was bittersweet (certainly more sweet than bitter). It was sweet in that we have our own nice, clean home now. Don’t get me wrong, our apartment was fine, but it’s an apartment. Hundreds of people have lived in it before us; a fresh coat of paint is considered ‘maintenance’.

But it’s a little bitter, in that it’s where our family started. After we were married, it was that apartment complex where we lived. When Parker was born, we brought him home to our apartment. It was our first home as a family.

I’m glad Parker won’t remember living in an apartment, but at the same time, I’m glad we have pictures from there, because it’s still significant to us as a family.

But at last, we are free from the bonds of apartment living. Once, and (hopefully) for all.


2 responses to “No more apartment

  1. Dropping in from BabyCenter.

    We moved out of our apartment and into our house when our soon to be oldest daughter was just past 11 months old. It was bittersweet for us, too. Now that she’s two and prone to the very occasional, but exceptionally loud meltdown, I’m so glad we don’t have any shared walls!

    Happy birthday to Parker. First birthdays are so much fun. Turns out that second birthdays are even better.


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