Monthly Archives: August 2010

Fall starts now.

Though the weather may not necessarily agree.

Football starts this week, and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. It’s like this past month has been a month-long Christmas Eve, and it’s finally here. Parker has his Ohio State gear ready to go, and we’ve been trying to watch a little more re-runs of football every evening.

Parker has also picked up a couple more words this past week, including ‘ball’ and ‘stick’, both we contribute to his being outside more. We put up some farm gauge fencing yesterday as a temporary solution before we install a more permanent fence next spring, and the dogs have appreciated it a lot. Parker goes and gets their tennis ball and throws it for them now.

Charlie is doing well getting used to our house. He and Cookie are quickly becoming good friends, and Cookie will even let him snuggle up to her now when they are laying on the couch or in bed.

That’s a quick update from our household, enjoy the first week of football.


The newest family member!

Well we have officially added a new member to our family, Charlie:

Charlie is a 9 week-old puggle puppy. He’s a sweetheart and we all are happy to have him part of our familly. Cookie is still adjusting to having another dog in the house, but overall, she seems to be warming up to him a little more each day.

What did we learn?

So Parker and I learned two valuable life lessons last night. Parker learned about why you listen to your parent and I learned about why I should have always listened to mine.

I was giving Parker a bath, just like we always do. We have a rule in the bathtub that there is no standing while taking a bath. First and foremost, it’s because I don’t want him to slip and get hurt. By not standing, there is little chance he’ll slip and fall. Well last night, he decided to stand in the bathtub. I told him to sit down. Normally, he will sit down when I tell him to. Last night, he decided to stand. I told him, “Parker, you need to sit down.” He looked at me. I said more sternly, “Parker, sit down!” Then…he tried to step, and slipped. He fell down into the water, hit his butt, and started crying.

I picked him up and hugged him and said, “This is why you need to listen to daddy, I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” And suddenly, it clicked.

I figured out why my parents always reminded me of rules, to ‘be safe’ when I left the house, to call if I was going to be late. It wasn’t because they wanted to nag or control my life, it’s because they didn’t want to see me get hurt. When you’re 16 years old, leaving the house, and your mom is reminding you to be careful, to buckle up, and to call if you’re going to be late, it’s not because she wanted to exert her control of you (at least, most of the time), it’s because that’s her life heading out the door.

I didn’t want to see Parker get hurt. I don’t like to see him fall and cry. If I tell him not to stand, there’s less likelihood he’s going to fall and hurt himself. Your parents probably aren’t just nagging you to nag, it’s because they can’t stand to see you hurt. It’s a simple concept, but not one I fully understood until I saw Parker in the bathtub last night. I tell him ‘no’ to certain things because I know he can hurt himself if the behavior continues.

So Mom, Dad, thanks.

First Birthday Party

Parker’s first birthday was a great success.

It was nice having both our families in town for the festivities. We had a slideshow playing the entire time on the tv, showing pictures of Parker from birth until now.

The food was delicious and Parker’s cake turned out really well (it was an Elmo-decorated cake), he had a lot of fun smashing it and smearing it in his face. Afterwards, he got to open all his presents, and he got a lot of fun toys and books, along with some really cute clothes.

So I guess the next step is age two! But first, we get our favorite time of the year…football season and fall!

One Year Well Visit

Parker’s first birthday was a success. We went to the zoo and had so much fun, he passed out before we even made it to the gate. He also added ‘fish’ to his vocabulary while we were there.

Yesterday was his one-year well visit. As expected, he’s still small, but we all know that already. Again, the pediatrician didn’t seem concerned or anything like that, but of course they’ll be keeping an eye on his weight. She did suggest feeding him some more fattening food, which makes me wonder, do they tell kids in the 90th percentile to go on diets?

Most pediatricians in the US use the Center for Disease Control’s growth charts, which were last officially updated in 2001. The United States is in 1% of countries that do not use the World Health Organization growth charts. On those charts, Parker is perfectly in the 50th percentile for his weight based on his height. But, he did score a perfect score on his 12 month development questionnaire and the pediatrician seemed impressed with his milestones.

Parker’s birthday party is on Sunday, so we’re gearing up for that. It should be a lot of fun, since both of our families are coming up to the house for it. I know Parker will have a good time.


We made it.

One year old. How is it possible that tiny baby in my arms on August 11, 2009 is that walking, talking toddler today?

Perhaps the better question is, how can I love something so much after one year? Parker is the be-all, end-all of my love. It’s cliché, and as The Office’s Pam would say, I know saying it’s cliché is cliché, but I really figured out what my mom and dad always said to me, that you don’t truly understand how much your parents love you until you’re a parent.

It’s so strange to look at something like him and see yourself. The way he looks, the way he acts, his mannerisms, everything.

And then you watch him grow. You watch his brain connect things. You watch his legs be able to support his own body weight. You watch him use facial expressions to show emotion. You watch him seek your approval, as well as test your boundaries.

I think back to that day at the hospital, how stressed and anxious we were, waiting to become parents. As the hours passed, it didn’t seem like he was getting any closer to arriving. And then he came, delivered into our arms. I cried. A lot. To see my son for the very first time. For whatever reason, the fears I had about becoming a father disappeared. Our hospital stay was…dare I say, fun? It was like the first vacation we ever had with our son.

I can specifically recall one night just a few days after we arrived back home. I was rocking him to sleep, and I just remember saying to him, “I don’t care what I have to do in my life, I promise you that you will never want for anything.” He didn’t know really who I was, but we connected on that night.

Now, I’m Daddy. I get to see his eyes light up when he sees me, whether it be waking him up on the morning, or seeing him when I get home. He instantly recognizes me. He seeks me out for comfort when he’s tired or sad.

And today that little boy is 1. Happy Birthday, son.


An induction from years past

Yes, it was one year ago today we made the six-mile drive from our apartment to The Ohio State University Medical Center for Parker’s induction.

We were actually reminiscing about this the other day. I don’t even really remember the drive, or if we even had a conversation on the way there. The first thing I really remember is walking out of the parking garage, making the short walk up 12th Avenue, carrying our bags.

We sat down in the maternity floor waiting room, waiting to be called to check-in. I handed over my credit card to ‘charge’ our co-pay. Needless to say, it was all a bit different than we thought it would be. You always think of the birth of a baby to be that ‘middle of the night’ waking moment, rushing to the hospital and parking the car on the curb with the orderly shouting, “You can’t park that here!”

Not so for us. It was all just…planned. We settled in, anxiously hoping that Parker would just decided to arrive on his own. No such luck.

But it was tonight, one year ago, that was our last night without our little boy.

Decorations, check. One year approaching…

Today we went out and secured Parker’s birthday decorations for his birthday party in two weeks. All of the stuff was on sale so we were able to get everything we needed, plus a little extra pomp, for a great price.

I was going through his pictures today…ALL the pictures we’ve taken since he was born. Man, how quickly they grow up. Especially those little brains. 10 months ago, he was just really starting to smile, 9 months ago, he was starting to coo. Now he tries to make us laugh, and actually uses words.

This evening, I was watching him play on the ground. He was playing with some blocks that are part of a train that he has. Each section of the train has little pegs on which you can place the blocks. I sit there, and I watch him pick up a block and carefully place it over the peg. Then take another block, and do the same thing. I went down to play with him and he would take off a block and hand it to me, to hold for him while he collected another block.

We certainly didn’t teach him that. But at some point, his little brain made that connection.

An incredible little creature I have sleeping upstairs.