Decorations, check. One year approaching…

Today we went out and secured Parker’s birthday decorations for his birthday party in two weeks. All of the stuff was on sale so we were able to get everything we needed, plus a little extra pomp, for a great price.

I was going through his pictures today…ALL the pictures we’ve taken since he was born. Man, how quickly they grow up. Especially those little brains. 10 months ago, he was just really starting to smile, 9 months ago, he was starting to coo. Now he tries to make us laugh, and actually uses words.

This evening, I was watching him play on the ground. He was playing with some blocks that are part of a train that he has. Each section of the train has little pegs on which you can place the blocks. I sit there, and I watch him pick up a block and carefully place it over the peg. Then take another block, and do the same thing. I went down to play with him and he would take off a block and hand it to me, to hold for him while he collected another block.

We certainly didn’t teach him that. But at some point, his little brain made that connection.

An incredible little creature I have sleeping upstairs.


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