An induction from years past

Yes, it was one year ago today we made the six-mile drive from our apartment to The Ohio State University Medical Center for Parker’s induction.

We were actually reminiscing about this the other day. I don’t even really remember the drive, or if we even had a conversation on the way there. The first thing I really remember is walking out of the parking garage, making the short walk up 12th Avenue, carrying our bags.

We sat down in the maternity floor waiting room, waiting to be called to check-in. I handed over my credit card to ‘charge’ our co-pay. Needless to say, it was all a bit different than we thought it would be. You always think of the birth of a baby to be that ‘middle of the night’ waking moment, rushing to the hospital and parking the car on the curb with the orderly shouting, “You can’t park that here!”

Not so for us. It was all just…planned. We settled in, anxiously hoping that Parker would just decided to arrive on his own. No such luck.

But it was tonight, one year ago, that was our last night without our little boy.


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