One Year Well Visit

Parker’s first birthday was a success. We went to the zoo and had so much fun, he passed out before we even made it to the gate. He also added ‘fish’ to his vocabulary while we were there.

Yesterday was his one-year well visit. As expected, he’s still small, but we all know that already. Again, the pediatrician didn’t seem concerned or anything like that, but of course they’ll be keeping an eye on his weight. She did suggest feeding him some more fattening food, which makes me wonder, do they tell kids in the 90th percentile to go on diets?

Most pediatricians in the US use the Center for Disease Control’s growth charts, which were last officially updated in 2001. The United States is in 1% of countries that do not use the World Health Organization growth charts. On those charts, Parker is perfectly in the 50th percentile for his weight based on his height. But, he did score a perfect score on his 12 month development questionnaire and the pediatrician seemed impressed with his milestones.

Parker’s birthday party is on Sunday, so we’re gearing up for that. It should be a lot of fun, since both of our families are coming up to the house for it. I know Parker will have a good time.


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