What did we learn?

So Parker and I learned two valuable life lessons last night. Parker learned about why you listen to your parent and I learned about why I should have always listened to mine.

I was giving Parker a bath, just like we always do. We have a rule in the bathtub that there is no standing while taking a bath. First and foremost, it’s because I don’t want him to slip and get hurt. By not standing, there is little chance he’ll slip and fall. Well last night, he decided to stand in the bathtub. I told him to sit down. Normally, he will sit down when I tell him to. Last night, he decided to stand. I told him, “Parker, you need to sit down.” He looked at me. I said more sternly, “Parker, sit down!” Then…he tried to step, and slipped. He fell down into the water, hit his butt, and started crying.

I picked him up and hugged him and said, “This is why you need to listen to daddy, I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” And suddenly, it clicked.

I figured out why my parents always reminded me of rules, to ‘be safe’ when I left the house, to call if I was going to be late. It wasn’t because they wanted to nag or control my life, it’s because they didn’t want to see me get hurt. When you’re 16 years old, leaving the house, and your mom is reminding you to be careful, to buckle up, and to call if you’re going to be late, it’s not because she wanted to exert her control of you (at least, most of the time), it’s because that’s her life heading out the door.

I didn’t want to see Parker get hurt. I don’t like to see him fall and cry. If I tell him not to stand, there’s less likelihood he’s going to fall and hurt himself. Your parents probably aren’t just nagging you to nag, it’s because they can’t stand to see you hurt. It’s a simple concept, but not one I fully understood until I saw Parker in the bathtub last night. I tell him ‘no’ to certain things because I know he can hurt himself if the behavior continues.

So Mom, Dad, thanks.


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