Fall starts now.

Though the weather may not necessarily agree.

Football starts this week, and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. It’s like this past month has been a month-long Christmas Eve, and it’s finally here. Parker has his Ohio State gear ready to go, and we’ve been trying to watch a little more re-runs of football every evening.

Parker has also picked up a couple more words this past week, including ‘ball’ and ‘stick’, both we contribute to his being outside more. We put up some farm gauge fencing yesterday as a temporary solution before we install a more permanent fence next spring, and the dogs have appreciated it a lot. Parker goes and gets their tennis ball and throws it for them now.

Charlie is doing well getting used to our house. He and Cookie are quickly becoming good friends, and Cookie will even let him snuggle up to her now when they are laying on the couch or in bed.

That’s a quick update from our household, enjoy the first week of football.


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