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Decorating is done

When we hang out wall art in the living room tonight, our decorating will pretty much be done. It’s been so nice just to get our house feel more homey. It’s difficult trying to decorate with a 1 year-old, just because you have to consider if the decoration will be more of a headache for you than not. So at this point, we decided to forego any more furniture or end tables, just because we like to give Parker free reign of the floor when possible.

But the walls look so much better, especially in the den. We added some things to our walls in the bathrooms and bedrooms as well, so there’s not so much just…empty space.

These next to weeks promise to be both a lot of fun and a whirlwind. This Sunday, Parker and I are heading to West Virignia so I can recruit at some schools down there. The following weekend, we’re sending Parker with his grandparents so that my wife and I can have a weekend to ourselves and friends–and be able to go to an Ohio State game. We’re pretty excited about that.

All in all, things couldn’t be better right now. Parker’s teeth seem to be feeling better, we officially kicked the pacifier at bedtime, so he’s completely un-pacified. Here’s to an even better October.


Remember when I asked where fall was?

Apparently it arrived over the weekend.

What wonderful weather we had. Even though it’s raining today, it’s so nice that things have cooled off now a bit. My wife had the weekend off, so that was an added bonus to a fantastic weekend.

On Saturday, we got to go tailgating with our friends, and my mom even stopped by. It was nice that Parker got to spend some time with them. He even ate some tailgate food! We went back to our house to watch the game with a friend and then had an impromptu get-together with some other friends at our place after the game.

Sunday was a very busy day for us. We decided to spend the morning shopping for home decor. Our house has been rather bland with essentially nothing on the walls, so yesterday we changed that. We ordered some stuff online first, and then hit Target, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond to find the rest. By the end of our shopping spree, we had some decor for Parker’s room, some wall art for the living room, shelving and decorative accents for the den, a collage frame for upstairs, and some wall sconces and art for the bathrooms. We still have a few more things to get to finish up, but we have finally decorated our house.

On our way home, we stopped in at McDonald’s for lunch and Parker got to eat his very first Happy Meal. He had chicken nuggets with apples and milk (yes, we decided to forego the fries and Coke). He seemed to enjoy it as a special treat.

When we got home, some friends of ours came over and spent the afternoon with us. Of course, this blog being all about millennial parenting, it was nice to spend time with other millennial parents. While parenting has been a very fun experience, it can also get quite lonely. It’s just nice to know there are others out there to share experiences with. I just wished they lived closer!

After we bid them farewell, we spent the rest of the afternoon putting up the shelving in the den and some of the other decor. By dinnertime, our den was ready to go and looked much, much better.

Parker woke up from his afternoon nap right in the middle of dinner, screaming. After a quick mouth check, we found that our little boy’s molars are starting to pop through. He’s been chewing on his fingers non-stop lately and you can feel his left molars starting to break through his gums. He was almost inconsolable after dinner, so I ran out to Target to pick up some sugar-free popsicles and Baby Orajel, the combination of which made him feel much better. He’s a trooper though.

This weekend, Parker and I are heading to WV to visit the grandparents while I do some recruiting trips down that way. It promises to be an enjoyable time.

Where are you, fall?

Gah, I’m sick and tired of this hot weather. It should never be over 85 degrees after September 15th, I say. And alas, it’s supposed to get up to 90 today. On the bright side, the forecast shows no days over 72 for the next week and a half.

I’ve been really in the fall mood lately. I even bought some fall decor for our house last night, hoping that maybe by making my house look like fall, it really will be fall. I just finished my recruiting trips to University of Michigan and Michigan State. As always, I enjoyed myself. I love visiting Big Ten campuses. Even stayed at my first bed and breakfast this week, which was probably one of my best hotel experiences ever. If you’re ever staying in East Lansing, check out the Wild Goose Inn (and you can probably check out my review, too, on TripAdvisor). I also had the opportunity to check out BeerAdvocate’s fifth-best beer in America, Founder’s Breakfast Stout…wow was it good.

We also recently decided to use some money and finally get around to actually decorating our house. I know if we don’t just get on with it, we probably will never get around to it, so we’re going to do our part to stimulate the economy and buy new stuff for our walls and everything.

Backyard blog

Greetings from our backyard.

I sit in here in one of our patio chairs, watching Parker play in his backyard with the dogs, occasionally needing to intervene to remove a leaf from his mouth (the kid hates veggies, but has no problem downing a couple fresh leaves here and there).

As I look at my laptop screen, I can see my own reflection in the glare of the sun. I look at the face staring back and think, “Wow, I sorta still look like a kid.” I’m 25 with a 1 year-old and frankly don’t look what I think a dad looks like. I feel older when I’m being Parker’s father. But when I look at myself, I still can’t believe that that guy is a dad.

Parker doesn’t know that. I’m what Daddy looks like. I’m Daddy. When I come home from work and he sees me for the first time all day, he says “Daddy” or “Da-da”. He doesn’t think I look young or not old enough to be his father. And I love that. I love that he will just always know me as his dad.

Right now, he’s out in the yard dancing. Having the time of his life in his backyard, bringing me artifacts to show, just happy to be alive.

I’m pretty lucky to be that little guy’s dad.

Keepin’ on keepin’ on

Not much has happened in the family over the past week, but certainly an update is in order.

First off, my congratulations to my cousins Eric and Justin, who welcomed their second daughter, Rowan, in the world last week. Parker is Parker. He grows just a little bit more every day. He has started stacking blocks as of late and last night he made it up to 6 blocks before the tower fell over. He loves playing outside all the time, just being able to roam the backyard and pick up sticks and throw the ball to the dogs…

Also, he seems to understand more and more what we’re saying to him and even communicates back to us. He follows directions (most of time, anyway), shows affection to us (kisses to his mommy, hugs to his daddy), and wants to do more things on his own. He’s started wearing more ‘toddler’ clothes and is just way to damn cute for words. He looks great in jeans and henleys, like a boy instead of a baby.

His little face is starting to chub up again which means he’s going to get a little taller again. You can always tell when he’s going to grow when his face starts to get chubby.

We’re already looking forward to October. Parker is going to accompany me on a recruiting trip to West Virginia so he can see his grandparents and then the following weekend, we’re sending him to my in-laws’ to we can go to a football game and hang out with our friends. We’re even looking to go to the Haunted Prison in Mansfield (where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed). It should be a lot of fun.

Reflections on the band

This past Thursday was–as you know–Ohio State’s first football game of the season. As has become tradition, I marched again with the OSU Alumni Band.

Perhaps I don’t always talk about it, or at least get mushy about it, but everytime I march with that band, I’m reminded about my four years as a member of the OSUMB–how those four years were easily some of the greatest of my life. Perhaps I don’t credit the band enough for shaping my life. Beyond the obvious perks that band brings–being able to march on the field every Saturday, going on bowl trips to fun locations, getting a backstage pass to essentially every major going-on that OSU had offer…and even beyond the gripes–the rehearsal hours, hurrying up to wait, etc., band brought me so much more.

It brought me some of my closest friends that I’ll ever have. People that I made such a connection with, that I can’t imagine what my life without them. A lifetime of memories. And, most importantly, my wife and son. Without the OSU Marching Band, there’s hardly a chance I would have ever met my wife, without whom I would not have Parker.

Every alumni game, I’m thrown back to my memories with the marching band, and how I would love to go back for just one day to live those experiences again. Just how much fun was had as a part of it.

But everyday, I come home to the most lasting memory, a memory that I get to live everyday: my wife and son. Spending the days with them, I get to truly appreciate how much band shaped my life. I’m not the only person either, many of my friends from band are married to other band members. To think about how many marriages can be attributed to the marching band? How many children are born to parents who met in the marching band?

I can now look fondly back at my time in the OSU Marching Band and truly say: “Those were the best years of my life.”