Reflections on the band

This past Thursday was–as you know–Ohio State’s first football game of the season. As has become tradition, I marched again with the OSU Alumni Band.

Perhaps I don’t always talk about it, or at least get mushy about it, but everytime I march with that band, I’m reminded about my four years as a member of the OSUMB–how those four years were easily some of the greatest of my life. Perhaps I don’t credit the band enough for shaping my life. Beyond the obvious perks that band brings–being able to march on the field every Saturday, going on bowl trips to fun locations, getting a backstage pass to essentially every major going-on that OSU had offer…and even beyond the gripes–the rehearsal hours, hurrying up to wait, etc., band brought me so much more.

It brought me some of my closest friends that I’ll ever have. People that I made such a connection with, that I can’t imagine what my life without them. A lifetime of memories. And, most importantly, my wife and son. Without the OSU Marching Band, there’s hardly a chance I would have ever met my wife, without whom I would not have Parker.

Every alumni game, I’m thrown back to my memories with the marching band, and how I would love to go back for just one day to live those experiences again. Just how much fun was had as a part of it.

But everyday, I come home to the most lasting memory, a memory that I get to live everyday: my wife and son. Spending the days with them, I get to truly appreciate how much band shaped my life. I’m not the only person either, many of my friends from band are married to other band members. To think about how many marriages can be attributed to the marching band? How many children are born to parents who met in the marching band?

I can now look fondly back at my time in the OSU Marching Band and truly say: “Those were the best years of my life.”


One response to “Reflections on the band

  1. Scott,
    That was truly heart felt! Makes me want cry…. Well, not really, but it was well written and heart felt! I enjoy reading your blogs!

    X-Row Alum

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