Where are you, fall?

Gah, I’m sick and tired of this hot weather. It should never be over 85 degrees after September 15th, I say. And alas, it’s supposed to get up to 90 today. On the bright side, the forecast shows no days over 72 for the next week and a half.

I’ve been really in the fall mood lately. I even bought some fall decor for our house last night, hoping that maybe by making my house look like fall, it really will be fall. I just finished my recruiting trips to University of Michigan and Michigan State. As always, I enjoyed myself. I love visiting Big Ten campuses. Even stayed at my first bed and breakfast this week, which was probably one of my best hotel experiences ever. If you’re ever staying in East Lansing, check out the Wild Goose Inn (and you can probably check out my review, too, on TripAdvisor). I also had the opportunity to check out BeerAdvocate’s fifth-best beer in America, Founder’s Breakfast Stout…wow was it good.

We also recently decided to use some money and finally get around to actually decorating our house. I know if we don’t just get on with it, we probably will never get around to it, so we’re going to do our part to stimulate the economy and buy new stuff for our walls and everything.


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