Decorating is done

When we hang out wall art in the living room tonight, our decorating will pretty much be done. It’s been so nice just to get our house feel more homey. It’s difficult trying to decorate with a 1 year-old, just because you have to consider if the decoration will be more of a headache for you than not. So at this point, we decided to forego any more furniture or end tables, just because we like to give Parker free reign of the floor when possible.

But the walls look so much better, especially in the den. We added some things to our walls in the bathrooms and bedrooms as well, so there’s not so much just…empty space.

These next to weeks promise to be both a lot of fun and a whirlwind. This Sunday, Parker and I are heading to West Virignia so I can recruit at some schools down there. The following weekend, we’re sending Parker with his grandparents so that my wife and I can have a weekend to ourselves and friends–and be able to go to an Ohio State game. We’re pretty excited about that.

All in all, things couldn’t be better right now. Parker’s teeth seem to be feeling better, we officially kicked the pacifier at bedtime, so he’s completely un-pacified. Here’s to an even better October.


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