Kids make everything feel better

Yesterday was a humbling loss for my beloved Buckeyes.

I usually get pretty down after a loss as my emotions are very tired to the success of 18-23 year olds. Sad, I know, but the truth nonetheless.

After the game was over and we were sulking, Parker started crying loudly upstairs. After a few minutes we went in to check on him and gave him hugs to help him calm down. His cries dissipated as he received a hug from the two people that mean the world to him. The reality of losing a football game seemed to matter just a little bit less.

Flashforward to today, still feeling a little down from the game, I decided to play with Parker after church. We sat down and just played with blocks, read books, and laughed. Afterward, I sat him down on my lap and thanked him for being there, just because no matter what happens in my life–whether it be a football game or the loss of a grandparent–he makes it better. He doesn’t care who won the game yesterday, he doesn’t feel the hurt of losing a loved one yet. But he does care about his parents and he does care about our feelings. He hugged me and calmly sat on my lap as I talked to him. Then I laid him in bed for a nap.

I know one day it will be me who has to console him after a Buckeye loss, but for now, it was really nice just to have his unaltered love and attention. We, most of the time, are responsible for taking care of our kids, but sometimes, they take care of us.


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