Prepping for November

Man, October just came and went. Now we’re getting ready for November–for the reality of some cold, cold months ahead, but also one of our favorite times of year.

This weekend comes a trip to Home Depot, I need to buy a ladder so I can clean out the gutters, put some sealant in some places on our siding, and just generally prepare the house for the winter months. If I’m feeling ambitious, I may go ahead and collect some of our holiday decorations from the attic. It’s funny, Home Depot used to be one of those places that bored the living hell out of me. Now that I own a home, it’s actually a fun trip now.

In other news, my wife has accepted a full-time job at work. While it means hiring a babysitter, it also means better hours and a bigger paycheck. It’s a great move for her and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Parker is great. Talking a little bit more every day. Right now, he has about 20 words he knows and uses, some more than others, but that’s where he stands right now. He’s turning into such a big boy, it’s hard to believe. When he wants milk, he goes over to the fridge and says, “ilk, ilk”. When he’s done with dinner (he eats what we eat), he puts his hands up and says “all done!”. When he wants to take a bath, he goes over to the stairs and says, “Bat…bat”.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here, but I’m incredibly excited for the holiday season, perhaps even more so than last year, Parker’s first Christmas, just because I know he’s going to be more active and engaging this year. Then comes the thrills of going to the mall on a busy weekend to do some Christmas shopping, seeing all the holiday decorations. And the holiday beer, of course.

We’re ready for November.


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