Broadening the reach

You may have noticed some subtle changes to the blog the past few days. Recently, I have come to learn that in the interwebs, there exists a large community of father bloggers, many of whom have been doing this a lot longer than I have.

Since its inception (that started from conception), From None to One has more or less been a personal journey through fatherhood as a millennial, and–to some extent–targeting issues that millennials have and will face as parents. But that’s not enough.

The blogosphere exists as a way to share ideas and connect with others, thus the launching point for the changes that you may see.

First, you’ll notice the blog now has a Twitter account. I’ve never been much into Twitter, preferring instead to use Facebook as my main social medium, but in an effort to expand this blog’s reach, Twitter it shall be. You can either read the tweets as the come on the right side of the page, or follow me at

Next, you’ll notice a new blogroll. These–so far–are some of my favorite blogs written by fellow dads. If you enjoy this blog (or don’t), check these guys out, because you will certainly enjoy their stuff.

And finally, you’ll see some badges, these are some great dad-blogging communities with a lot of parenting resources and the like, so feel free to peruse those as you see fit.

Overall, I think these changes will certainly make for a much better blogging atmosphere, and an effort to make this site a little more reader-interactive.



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