Election Day

Election Day in the United States is always heated. It’s the boiling point for months (and even years) of attacks, rhetoric, talking points, polling data, etc. When we thought not much could top the elections of 2004, 2006, and 2008, 2010 arrived. In 2008, we hadn’t even heard of the Tea Party. In 2009, we were laughing at the Tea Party. In 2010, they’d become a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, 215,000 people attended a satiric rally in Washington, D.C. this weekend. A tongue-in-cheek demonstration that captured the wit of ‘the other side’. More Americans–especially young Americans–turn to Comedy Central to get their news than ever before.

It’s been an entertaining election season to be sure, but perhaps the greatest thing about Election Day is the day after. Power is peacefully transferred. There are no riots, no mass demonstrations, no attempted coups. One side wins, the other loses, and that’s it. It’s certainly not the end of politics. In fact, it just sets in motion more battles to be fought, and soon, presidential candidates will start to emerge. But it says a lot about the nation and its citizens; that no matter how frenzied a race becomes or how close an election might be–we accept the results, often with little protest. Everyone, Republican, Democrat, Independent, should be proud of his/her country today.

So get out and vote. I could take this opportunity to tell you who I voted for and why you should too, but that’s not the purpose of Election Day. Research the candidates for yourself, determine what issues are most important to you, and hold your elected officials accountable. And perhaps most of all, appreciate a peaceful election.


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