We survived!

Yesterday was the first day in his entire life that Parker stayed with someone that was not a family member. With my wife going full-time at her job, we found it necessary to hire a babysitter. And all was well!

It’s a little nervewracking to hand over the care to someone when you’ve spent almost every waking minute with someone for the first 15 months of their life. But we made it through the first day, and now we’re on our way.

But last night when I got home from work, Parker ran up and hugged me and then gave me a big kiss–unprompted. There’s not much in your life that can make you feel better than when your child gives you a kiss at such a young age. The affection that such a little heart can give…


One response to “We survived!

  1. Hey Scott, I thought you might like to know about another Dad blogger…he has a stepson with Smith Magenis Syndrome and a daughter of his own. He has some really interesting entries!

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