Getting back into the groove

The blogging groove, that is.

It’s been a month and a half since my last post, but life has just been a bit crazy. But finally, things are starting to settle back into some form of routine again. I was promoted at work, my wife’s work had been short-staffed, and we were trying to coordinate our schedules with Parker’s. Evenings have been more so filled with spending time with him than anything else, so I’ve been neglecting my blogging responsibilities.

Our lives, though, are possibly at the best they’ve ever been. We’re more financially secure than ever since we’ve been married, Parker is growing and learning and just becoming a big boy, our marriage is wonderful, and we finally are done with life events for a while.

Parker has learned his entire alphabet and can count to 10 now. An impressive feat that I even find hard to believe for an 18 month old. He is Mr. Independent at meal time now, and insists on feeding himself everything, without our help. He’s doing a pretty good job, capped off with him eating an entire bowl of spaghetti last night by himself. He amazes me just a little more every day. What an incredible child.

I read my grandmother’s memoirs this past month and while not completed before her death last year, they gave me an amazing glimpse into the life my Nana led. That was the best possible legacy should could ever leave us. Her thoughts and her actions. I think everyone needs to write memoirs for their loved ones. I’ll put that on my bucket list.

Spring is quickly approaching, and it can’t get here fast enough. I want to spend hours in my sunroom with the windows open, relaxing with a good beer, a book, and perhaps the computer. I also want to go to the zoo again.

Yeah, so those are my scatterbrained thoughts. But I feel like I can finally just sit down and think and write a bit.

Welcome back, normalcy.




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