Loving Abby

Parker loves Abby Cadabby.

I mean, he really, really loves Abby. He used to be big on Elmo, but that’s before Abby came along. He loves watching Abby on Sesame Street, has a stuffed Abby Cadabby he sleeps with, and now, has his own Abby Cadabby shirt:

We’ve been looking for an Abby shirt for a while and have no objections to having Parker wearing pink, but it seems like any Abby shirt is cut for a little girl, with really short sleeves or something like that. But our friend and babysitter was able to find this more “unisex” version of an Abby shirt.

It was so cute seeing him wear it. He loved it. He’d look down at his shirt and point and say, “Abby!” In a way, it’s unfortunate that Sesame Street doesn’t make Abby more of an “available” character for boys. I understand why Abby was introduced to Sesame Street, because up until that point, Sesame Street really didn’t have a “girly-girl” character on the show, and Abby, with her dresses, sparkles, and attitude was supposed to appeal to little girls as a character to whom they could connect.

But enter little boys like Parker who really, really love Abby, just as much as a little girl would. But today, he was finally able to wear something that would allow him to show off his love for Abby.


One response to “Loving Abby

  1. My little guy loves Abby too! But then, she is pretty awesome. The magic – and who wouldn’t want to go to a flying fairy school??

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