Changes bring about a blog reboot

I started From None to One: A blog about a Generation Y dad over five years ago.

24 years old, a newlywed, recent college graduate, and soon-to-be father to a little boy. I blogged fairly consistently for 3 1/2 years. But life gets in the way and a blog suddenly becomes a drag, rather than a place for thoughts.

Now I’m staring down 30. Not a newlywed anymore, but entering my seventh year of marriage. Not a recent college graduate–a graduate student now. And I’m not the father to only a little boy, but a preschooler and, in June, a daughter.

It’s time for a reboot. I won’t say it’s starting over, though really, it kind of is, but a new approach to talking about parenting. When I started this blog, I was really one of a handful of millennials I knew with children, and now it seems like we’re sprouting a whole new generation–Generation Z, or Net Gen, or Post Gen, whatever, they’ll figure out their own names. But I feel like more than ever, millennial voices are needed.

I started reading a book last night about raising a daughter. I put it down after five pages because it didn’t speak to me at all as a millennial–or even as a parent.

I’m excited about raising two kids. I’m excited that we can raise both a son and a daughter. But we definitely need to talk about it. And millennials need to be part of the conversation. We’re raising our own kids now. The books that have been popular for years no longer speak to us the way they may have spoken to other generations.

So yes, it’s a reboot. It’s also a chance to talk again. And it’s time for that.


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