Entering the home stretch, been there, done that.

Today marks 36 weeks for us, which means technically, only 4 weeks remain, though really that’s anywhere between 1 and 6.

We’ve been quickly preparing ourselves for her arrival. Last week was room painting, so added with a built crib and changing table, and the pending build of her dresser, we’re getting close. I hate to say that this time has been more “non-chalant” for us, but really it has. Having a kid already changes your entire approach. You realize infants basically just need a place to sleep, a food source, and diapers to live for the first month or so. We’ve been slowly buying more things as we realize we need them, but it’s not the mad rush that we had with our son.

But at the same time, we’re doing more for her than our son, mostly because of our living situation. Last time, we were switching apartments on his due date, this time, we already have a house, and therefore, feel like we can actually do some decorating rather than subjecting her to the spartan surroundings our son had his first few months in the apartment. So even for having a brother whose items we’ll be using as hand-me-downs, we’ve been doing a decent amount of things for her that we didn’t really get to do the first time, so that’s kept it interesting.

It’s marked, though, the experiences between a first-timer and a “been there done that”. It’s hard to express how much being a parent is really just “on the job training”, but it’s something you don’t really understand until you are one. You can read all the books or blogs or articles you want, but in the end, a baby can’t read. At the same time, past experiences as a parent don’t always mean that it will work the second time around. Odds are, we’ll be altering a lot of the things worked so well with our first.

But as last time was met with a lot of anxiousness and mystery, I think this time I’m just totally excited to do it again, though I reserve to change my mind after the first few nights of sleep.


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