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My apologies about totally neglecting the final part of the Pew Research series on millennials, but in a twist of fate, my time has been consumed with another subject.


Last week, we started seriously debating the prospect of buying a house. We recently received notification from our apartment complex that we need to renew our lease for next year, and in addition, that rent would be rising again. With my wife securing part-time employment recently, it finally put the prospect of buying a house within our reach. So we started looking around and getting things together to see how much we could be pre-approved for. With the combination of the homebuyer tax credit and the Ohio Home Finance Agency’s low mortgage rates for first-time homebuyers, it seemed like now is as good a time as ever.

I spoke with a mortgage specialist at our bank yesterday and gave her the information to be pre-approved. We actually received some bad news right off the bat; that we could not count my wife’s income towards our loan. Since she currently works part-time, they would need either two years of continuous part-time employment, or at the very least, show that she was in school prior to that. But, since she graduated and was pregnant, did not secure employment.

So you heard it right here, the mortgage industry hates babies.

Obviously, dejected, we had them run the pre-approval anyway, just to see what we could get, since we could always just adjust our downpayment accordingly to still afford houses in our price range. We decided then and there that we wanted a house, that we owed this to our son.

I received ‘the call’ about two hours later, and the news was good; very, very good. Not only were were pre-approved, but approved for the amount we asked without having to adjust a downpayment or anything. I could not believe it. Absolutely ecstatic. I got to deliver the news to my family, and we were just so overjoyed.

This next month promises to be a whirlwind, as April 30th is our D-Day to be in contract. We are meeting with our realtor tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully start looking at houses shortly thereafter.

There’s a lot to consider, but we have the areas in which we want to live narrowed down, probably sticking to the west side of Columbus. Obviously school district matters, and there is an abundance of good ones in the Columbus suburbs.

But we’re going to be homeowners, and hopefully really soon. This has been a goal of ours for such a long time and it’s wonderful to see it finally come to fruition.