What’s millennial parenting?

As the original millennials get older, they are also starting their own familes.

The children of Gen Y will grow up with parents who have Facebook, text messaging, and blogs; parents who were entering the workforce just as the hardest recession since the Great Depression came down on our economy. More children will be born to college graduates than in any other previous generation, as well as two-income households.

We found out we would be expecting in November 2008 and never did we imagine how quickly life could change. We welcomed our son to the world in August 2009 and have only begun to navigate this whole parenting thing.

It’s much too early to write the book on millennial parenting, but this blog seeks to introduce you to the culture, stories, and hilarity of millennial parenting. As we watch our son grow, so we grow. We’re new to this whole parenting thing. So sit back and enjoy. You’re in for a ride.


2 responses to “What’s millennial parenting?

  1. Interesting perspectives. I may have to start following your blog!

  2. Well I’m a typical early 80’s baby born in 82 I have 4 kids age 7,4,and twin 2year old ,s .I can only give the info Isee personaly from friends and their kids and my self as a dad.millenials are nothing like gen xers parenting wise !!!! I feel we are a blend of old school and modern technoligy.I saw how coddled and unprepared a lot of my friends lil brothers and sisters are for the world that faces them.Gen x parents parent out of fear of the outside world .they them selves often feeling unprotected.and not loved enough over compensate with their oun kids.Hence hellicopter parenting their kids to the point of total dependence for the simplest tasks. U knw the type every kid gets a trouphy we all win mom and dads who do their kids home work so on etc…..so as a gen y dad Ilook to the past examples of how some things were done right my kids have set bedtimes u eat what’s put in front of u for dinner stand up for ur friends and familey work hard and u might get what u want sometimes u loose but its ok u can always keep trying!!!!raise ur kids to be street smart and then give them the scary oppertunety to show u what they’ve learned .stranger danger and so on relax boys will be boys and girls will be girls let them have fun on their oun sometimes they don’t need mom and dad up their buts all the time.be firm but fair on disepline give ur kids lots of hugs and tell them u love them every chance u get. Now as a gen y dad Ilove buying toys escpecially for my 2 sons so s a generation of name brand I’m a total lable whore and Ilove lavishing all my kids with cool stuff.but even though my 7 yr old play black opps and has his oun ps3 doesn’t mean he can play it a lot Igive my kids lots of free time to play out side the game system is a privledge .both my 7 and 4 year old love fishing and nature walks hand down to anything that’s in the house.most gen y parents shun the one size fits all style of over parenting remeber their ur kids raise them with the values u want them to have and hope for the best parenting is scary sometimes but that’s life a lot can be learned from looking back sometimes as we make our way into the future!!!!

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