Fatherhood Friday: It Gets Better

So by now, many of you may have come across this post. And a few weeks ago, I had posted this.

In the wake of the gay bullying suicides, Dan Savage started the It Gets Better Project, to help LGBT youth understand that no matter what is happening in their lives right now, it will get better.

Nerdy Apple’s blog above shows why it’s going to get better. Because parents everywhere are accepting their children for who they are. Because parents are starting to step up and stop not only the bullying of their own children, but the bullying of others. I am saddened by the actions of the other mothers in the blog. Veiling their bullying for ‘concern’. ‘Christian’ or not, it’s plain wrong.

And what’s worse, that little five year-old was hesitant because he knew there were people out there that might make fun of him–a preschooler. There’s no greater action as a parent than to stand-up for your child, for accepting them for what they are, and loving them unconditionally

I, for one, commend her. And for all those LGBT youth out there, it does get better, because there are parents out there that are going to make sure of it.


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