From baby to little boy

It’s like it just sort of…happened one day.

He stopped being a baby and starting being a little boy. He’s certainly not an infant any longer. Our little boy is a toddler. Sure, he still needs us, but he just does things differently. First off, he walks everywhere. Crawling is child’s play. It doesn’t matter how far he’s traveling, he’s walking there, and fast.

He loves to climb on things, he likes to sit and read books. He tries to carry on conversations. He drinks all of his milk from a sippy cup now. Bottles are for babies, apparently. No more baby food, he eats what’s on the table. He associates words with objects (specifically, light and Cookie). He can point to your nose when you ask him. He sits in a chair to watch Sesame Street. He tries to entertain us.

Then there’s the boy-dom. He climbs on everything. He is most comfortable in shorts and no shirt. He’s mechanical, he tries to figure out how things work. You try and hide something from him, he will find it. Oh, and he’s found a certain part of his anatomy as of late.

I realize part of it is because we socialize him as a boy, but beyond that, studies have shown that little boys’ and little girls’ brains develop and work differently. He’s definitely a little boy.

I look at him in amazement every day. The power of the human brain. Of the human body. To think back to the very beginning of our lives. Whether it is science, or God, or a combination of the both, no matter how you look at it, it’s a remarkable achievement of nature. To get from that point of conception, or even preconception to the end of the first year; how much growth occurs physical, mentally,and socially.

And to be on this side of the creation makes it even that much more incredible.


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